The scientists from IIHR have developed the new variety of marigold, ‘Arka Shubha’ which will have 2.8% of carotene, the maximum as compared to other varieties.

We all have seen the yellow bright marigold which fills the mind with positivity as it shines under the bright sunlight. However, adding more value to these flowers, Bengaluru scientists have come up with a new variety of marigold which will have a high carotene content.


The scientists from Hessarghatta-based Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) have made sure that the marigold is used even if it gets spoiled by rain or other reasons.

The new marigold variety, ‘Arka Shubha’ has the highest carotene content with 2.8% as compared to 1.4% in other marigolds. The best part is that ‘Arka Shubha’ will be used for the extraction of crude carotene even after it gets spoilt.

To meet carotene demand

Carotene is mostly used in the Pharmaceutical sector and remains in great demand. Hence, this new variety can help the sector meet its need apart from coming handy for export purposes.

Currently, India meets the demand of carotene through imports from other countries including China.

Like other varieties of marigold, ‘Arka Shubha’ can also be sold in the markets for its usage in making ornaments.

It is also used in the poultry sector as the petals of the flower serves as poultry feed. It helps in yielding quality yolk.

Dr Tejaswini P., the principal scientist in the IIHR’s Division of Floriculture and Medicinal Plants had led the development of the new variety.

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