The ‘Tandem couple’ from Bengaluru got the name from random people who saw them riding on the roads.

The firm believer of “just go for it”, the ‘Tandem couple’ from Bengaluru leaves behind a trail of inspiration as they move forward on their fat tandem bike. Sanat Rath and Pramita Mishra have recently become the first cyclists in the country to complete a 200 km KGF brevet on their fat tandem bike.

The couple completed the distance in 12 hours and 7 minutes against the given time of 13 hours and 30 minutes. Mr. Rath, who has also entered the ‘Limica Book of Records’ for owning unique cycles, gives credit to their practice. “A fat Tandem bike is never easy to ride. It is very important to give the body the exposure of fat tandem bike before participating,” Mr. Rath said. He also added that they had started with 50 km on weekends that gradually went up to 100, 150, and 200 km.

Traffic in Banglore kick-started the journey

Pramita Mishra

Sanat Rath had got married in 2018 to Pramita Mishra- the only Indian Female to have completed a 200 km brevet (long-distance ride) on a Fat bike. After realizing that the traffic in Bengaluru is tedious, the couple decided to use the bike for shorter distances. “The tandem bikes are not usual for people to see on roads. Very often, people used to say “double-cycle” on seeing us riding,” Mr. Rath said. The astonishment among people for the Tandem bike remained the same while the couple rode for the KGF challenge.

Mr. Rath believes that anyone can develop the habit of cycling by beginning merely with a 2km ride. “I always want to advise people to start practicing with a normal bike. Sometimes, people directly start with tandem bikes by seeing others and injure themselves. The more one practices with it, the more they get used to it,” he said.

While talking about the challenges, Mr. Rath emphasized on the restrictions in “servicing” and availability of materials for unique bicycles. “There are various components of our bike that are not available in India. Hence, we always have to save our bike from any wrongdoings,” he said.

Sanat Rath is currently working as an Associate Professional System Administrator in DXC Technology. He has also recorded his name in the ‘Guinness World Records’ for holding the “tree pose” for the longest time. However, Pramita Mishra is also a Physics faculty member at the Indian Institute of Science, Banglore.

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