Under the name of ‘Night Sky Tourism’, The Art and Culture Department of Jaipur has introduced Astro Tourism in the Pink City!

Our country is all about scenic views, and beautiful skies. There are thousands of adventure enthusiasts, who love stargazing. We are happy to tell you that after Ladakh, the pink city has also launched its Astro tourism!.

Astro-tourism is all about making the sky of a particular region suitable for watching the night sky. This means one can see the stars even more clearly, and the stargazing experience is going to be more breathtaking!

“It will be a new experience for tourists and add more depth to the state as a tourist destination”, said BD Kalla, Art and Culture Minister of Rajasthan. There are two places that are selected for the ‘night sky tourism’. They are namely Jawahar Kala Kendra and Jantar Mantar.

source – Jantar mantar

Built to preserve the rich culture of Rajasthan, Kala Kendra Mantar is a popular art center. It has museums, an amphitheater, a library, and display rooms. On the other hand, Jantar Mantar is a world heritage site. It is a stunning collection of 19 astronomical instruments and features the world’s largest stone sundial.

source – Kala Kendra Mantar

”Those interested in reading the stars and the sky can visit Jaipur, and enjoy watching the moon, stars, and planets closely through a telescope present there.”, said Mugdha Sinha,  Secretary of the Art and Culture Department.

This initiative will definitely let the tourists experience the night sky in a different way and will boost the night tourism of Rajasthan. We can’t wait to pack our bags, and stargaze!

So, what do you think about this epic initiative of Astro tourism in Jaipur? Tell us in the comment section below!

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