Astro-tourism will boost the overall tourism in Ladakh and will give opportunities to local people.

Ladakh is one of those places in India that is blessed with nothing but nature’s beauty and scenic views. It is on every Traveller’s bucket list and a must-visit winter destination. The highest-altitude of the region makes it a perfect place for stargazing, and so the administration of the Ladakh is all set to make it an ‘Astro-tourism’ place!


Astro-tourism is all about making the sky of a particular region pollution-free and suitable for watching the night sky. This means all those who love stargazing will be able to see the stars even more clearly now and your stargazing experience is going to be hassle-free and more breathtaking.

Astro-tourism will also make things better for locals, as it will attract more people to visit Ladakh, and there will be more places to explore and stargaze. The tourism department is also planning to identify more locations to install telescopes for a better experience.


In a recently held meeting, The Lt. Governor of Ladakh, RK Mathur had strongly suggested the idea of promoting Astro-tourism on a massive level in the union territory, where the stars can be easily spotted. The Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle will be training the locals about the updated night sky chart to highlight nightly events.

With the potential of becoming a popular destination for uninterruptedly watching the celestial bodies, Ladakh will let the tourists experience the night sky differently, and we can’t wait to pack our bags to visit and stargaze!

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