Jatayu sculpture in Kerala is believed to be located at the same place where it had fallen after a fight with Ravana.

India is a country of rich history and culture dating back to the time of gods that left for us various mysteries to figure out. One such mystery is associated with the Jatayu sculpture in Kerala, which is believed to be located at the same place where Jatayu (bird) was killed by the Lanka King, Ravana. Herein we are taking you on a trip to Jatayu Earth’s Center which has the popular Jatayu sculpture.


Jatayu sculpture is the world’s largest bird sculpture situated at Chadayamangalam in Kollam. Chadayamangalam is around 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Sculptor and filmmaker Rajiv Anchal had worked for 10 years on the sculpture after which it was opened for visitors in March 2018.

The Story and Significance of Jatayu

According to the mythological legend Ramayana, Jatayu was a demi-god in the vulture form, son of Aruna and nephew of Garuda. Jatayu was also an old friend of King Dasharath, father of Lord Rama. The story of Ramayana suggests that Jatayu was the first one that tried to rescue Sita when Ravana was taking her to Lanka. It had fought with Ravana to save Sita. However, the Lanka king had clipped its wings, after which it had fallen on a rock. Before dying, Jatayu had informed Lord Rama about Sita’s abduction. Even after years, the Jatayu sculpture is a symbol of women’s safety and honour.


Jatayu Earth’s Center

Jatayu Earth’s Center attracts a lot of tourists who come to experience the Hindu Mythology of ‘Ramayana’. The best part is, you get to see the Jatayu sculpture while being in the sky. The center has cable cars that take people to the Jatayu sculpture. However, you can also choose to walk to the rock as the total distance is 1 km. But before reaching there, don’t forget to look at the lush green Valleys that appear heavenly from there!

The cable cars land you to the rock, ‘Jatayupura’ on which the sculpture is present at 1,000 feet height. And, there lies the world’s largest functional bird sculpture, 200 feet long, 150 feet wide, and 70 feet high. It also has 15,000 square feet of utility space inside. Can you believe it has a multi-dimensional mini theatre?

There is one more thing to amaze you on the top of the hill- a pond near the rock that never goes dry! It is said that the pond was formed by the stroke of Jatayu’s beak. Near the pond, a temple dedicated to Lord Rama is situated. People believe that Lord Rama had come to give deliverance to Jatayu. The marks of footprints and beak of Jatayu on the rock somewhat justifies the belief.

Adventure at the Jatayu Earth’s Center

The Adventure hill, adjacent to the Jatayu rock, offers a lot of activities for tourists. You can enjoy paintball, laser tag, archery, rifle shooting, rock climbing, and bouldering there. You can also have fun with the activities like rappelling, chimney climbing, log walk and commando net.

So, add this place to your list before going to Kerala next time!

Where: Jatayu Junction, Jatayu Nature Park Rd, Chadayamangalam

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