Known for redesigning sarees in modern style, fashion designer Satya Paul passed away on January 6 2021.

Renowned fashion designer Satya Paul passed away at the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore on Wednesday. He was 78 years old and was popular for creating ethnic and contemporary fusion in sarees.


Satya Paul had suffered a stroke on December 3, after which he was recovering slowly. Paul’s son, Puneet Nanda, informed about his father’s demise on Facebook.

The iconic journey of Satya Paul had started in the 60s from the field of retail. Later, he also entered the business of exports dealing with Indian handloom products. However, soon after, he opened high-end retail stores in Europe and America.

He had launched L’Affaire, the first ‘saree boutique’ in India in the year 1986. His stores also have in-store various scarves, stoles, shawls, bags, clutches, ties, cufflinks, and wallets. However, his journey towards spirituality began with the talks with J Krishnamurty (a philosopher). After meeting Sadhguru in 2007, he was majorly inclined towards Yoga, which also brought him to the Isha Yoga Centre.

After the news of Paul’s demise took to media platforms, a lot of people remembered his journey and posted on social media. Sadhguru also expressed his grief on Twitter.

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