Hang on the wall "कतई feminist", "movie time" and more bling signs from Neon Attack!

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Hang on the wall "कतई feminist", "movie time" and more bling signs from Neon Attack!

'Neon Attack' is here to make your homes, salons, and cafes elegant with bling neon signs of your favourite phrases!

With the pandemic restricting everyone to the walls of their homes, some people made the best of their times by decorating it. Hardik, Kartik and Reva Kedia from Hyderabad are such home decor enthusiast whose interest in putting neon signs at home made them open a whole new store with the name, 'Neon Attack' on Instagram.


The store offers one of the best neon signs for homes and businesses. They also make customized neon signs. You can order your favourite phrases like, "Be Kind", "Hello Gorgeous", "Safarnama", "Good Vibes Only" and many more starting from Rs 3,000 from the store that offers the signs in the premium quality.

Hardik says that the idea of opening the store originated when he could not find one for his home. "We were looking for a neon sign for our home but couldn’t find any store that could customize neon signs. After that, my brother, my sister-in-law, and I thought of making one for ourselves, and that is how we opened the store," he said.


With a team of three people, including Hardik, his brother, Kartik, and sister-in-law, Reva Kedia, the team faced various challenges in setting up the store. "Since we were a small team, it was very difficult to manage everything. We were working 20 hours a day to make sure everything was running smoothly," he said.

However, with due course of time, the store received a good response. Hardik said, "We are grateful to people who trusted us when we started with 5-10 followers and placed their orders. Mahek and Sana Parti were our first customers, and it would not have been possible without them." He also added that their branding strategy and the quality of materials helped a lot in achieving customer satisfaction.


Hardik Kedia, who is soon moving abroad to continue his Masters in Management believes, that the addition of his learnings about sales and marketing techniques helped the store a lot. "We love to receive customer's unboxing videos. It warms our hearts to hear those positive reviews," he said. Further, the team is exploring new ways to improve their services and working on their official website.

As of now, Neon Attack, the Instagram shop delivers all over India and takes around 6 to 12 days to deliver the products at the doorsteps.

Visit the Instagram store here Visit the Website here

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