Life feels so much better with whipped cream on top, and if there’s a whisker, we have recipes for you. Try these desserts made with whipped cream and add a dollop of happiness to your day.

Whipped cream is one of the perfect toppings for most desserts, and everyone is in love with the rich and creamy flavour that it has. Here is the list of whipped cream recipes that you can try and satiate your sweet cravings in no time.

1. Making whipped cream

Before we get into other whipped cream recipes, we will have to first see how it can be made. Though there are many brands that sell whipped cream, making it home has another charm, and it’s super fun to make. This recipe by Aarti Madan is simple and will help you make a bowl of rich whipped cream at home

2. Chocolate Mousse Cake

The melt in mouth mousse cakes are everyone’s favourite, and if you are planning to make one, this recipe is going to be just perfect. The squishy and soft bite of this mousse cake will leave you in awe. The perfect balance of whipped cream with chocolate is heavenly, and we are in love with it!

3. Fruit cream with whipped cream

The crunch of fruits and nuts, with the creamy texture of the whipped cream is lovely. This dessert is perfect for those who do not like much sweet. This recipe by Yummy Treats can be made in 15 minutes and can be your go-to dessert!

4. Eggless cupcakes with whipped cream

These cute and creamy rainbow cupcakes are nothing but mouthwatering. This recipe by Rinki Mukherjee is simply amazing. The eggless cupcakes made with yogurt and oil turn out to be really soft and moist, and the rainbow frosting will make kids and others its fan. You would want to eat it right away. It’s definitely a must-try recipe.

5. Whipped cream Ice-cream

Who doesn’t love ice-cream! Be it any season, any day, we can never say No to it. Try this fun recipe by Daawat, and give your regular scoop a twist. Though this has a strawberry flavour, you can use any other flavour you love and enjoy a hearty treat of this unique whipped cream ice-cream!

6. Chocolate Mousse Trifle

As delicious as it looks, this recipe made with whipped cream is savory and will satiate your sweet tooth cravings in no time. This recipe is perfect for a quick dessert with just three ingredients, and that too in a couple of minutes. You can serve this with a plate of Choco-chip cookies and granola bars!

7. Whipped Chocolate ganache frosting 

We just can’t skip chocolate cake if we are talking about desserts, and what makes it everybody’s favourite is the delicious frosting on it. If you are confused about how to make the super chocolaty Ganache frosting for your cake, then check this recipe by Soniya Parag. It’s simple and talks about nothing but chocolate! Kids at home will definitely love your cake, and we can’t wait for you to try it!

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