Year 2020: Here are the heartwarming things done by the people of Delhi in 2020!

Check out the heartwarming things done by the people of Delhi in 2020 that saved the lives of many migrants and stranded labourers!

If Delhi is popular for being “Dilwalon ki Dilli”, there is a reason behind it. The people of Delhi never stop sharing love and support to the ones who are in need. Proving this once again, they did not take a step behind in the year of Coronavirus. The heartwarming things done by Delhi in 2020, will be remembered by the city, every time someone will talk about the pandemic.

West Delhi-based restaurant owner provided 6.75 lakh meal packets to migrants


Meena, a West Delhi-based restaurant owner provided 6.75 lakh meal packets, ration kits, and clothes to migrants. Besides this, she also arranged train/flight tickets for migrants and provided them with hygiene essentials.

Bakery turned to a community kitchen for workers and migrants


A Delhi-based bakery turned into a community kitchen for helping stranded people. Preet Saini, Founder of Mrs. Kaur’s Bakery started by distributing bread and later distributed 10,000 meals daily.

Harinder Gujral helped the children of Madarsa


Setting an example of “unity in diversity”, Harinder Gujral from Delhi helped children of Tilak Nagar Madarsa. He was in touch with the Maulvi of the place. The Maulvi used to tell him if the kids required anything.

Woman distributed “Chai Pakoda” to patients’ family


Nimmi Mahaldar saw that a lot of patients and relatives were waiting in the queue of Delhi AIIMS. After that, she started preparing food with the help of her friends. She distributed hot tea and bread pakodas and fed 200 family members of patients.

A Woman fed newborn puppies who were waiting at her main door


A 29-year-old, Simi Jose, resident of Gole Market, fed five newborn puppies and their mother. She said that the puppies, along with the mother, were right outside her main door. She also said that she could always feed animals who have no one to look after.

Some Youngsters rallied  In Delhi to raise funds sent 400 migrants home


After knowing the misery of labourers, a group of youngsters decided to send them home. They rallied together to raise a total of Rs 2.5 lakh rupees and sent 400 of such migrants to their places.

Delhi group helped over 4,200 migrant workers reach home, gave essentials


A group of four young Delhi residents started an initiative, ‘Migrant Travel Support’ for workers. They sent back people to their homes in Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. They also provided cooked food, water, juice, slippers, ORS, sanitary pads, and masks.

Couple stood on the Delhi-Ghaziabad highway to give and water


The Kapadiyas, a couple from Delhi, stood on the Delhi-Ghaziabad highway to help stranded workers. They handed over biscuits and water to people walking there. The couple said that they wanted to do something for the benefit of the migrants.

And, the list continues! Let’s start the new year with the hope that people all over the country keep saving the lives of the needy.

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