In between the worse things that happened, check out the heartwarming things that happened in 2020…

2020 remained the year of tragedies where the whole world encountered worse things one after the other. India, too, had to deal with a lot of unfortunate incidents that made people wish for the year to be over soon. However, there were several instances which proved that if humanity is alive, all human crisis can be dealt with. Hence, the year if known an awful one, will also be remembered for these heartwarming things that happened in 2020.

Mumbaikars helped a vegetable seller whose shop was shut due to rains


During monsoon, a vegetable seller from Mumbai, Ashok Singh, had to close his shop due to heavy waterlogging around his shop. He had broken down in tears at King’s Circle which was captured by Mumbai Mirror. The picture had soon spread on the internet after which a lot of people came to offer help. In the end, people contributed almost two lakhs to him. And, after four months of lockdown, he opened his shop again.

People raised 8 lakhs for a vegetable vendor whose cart was stolen


In an unfortunate incident in North Delhi, people had robbed mangoes worth Rs  30,000 from the cart of Phool Miya. The incident happened in May when he had left the cart unattended for a few minutes. However, he was shattered to see what happened to his cart. Since the incident was recorded by an eye witness, it got viral on the internet after which people came to help him. People also requested NDTV for his account details which had first telecasted the story. Gradually, people contributed up to Rs eight lakhs from across the country.

Delhi people helped “Baba ka Dhaba”


One another incident where the Internet did its work. A YouTuber had posted a video of Kanta Prasad where he was seen crying. Kanta Prasad runs a street food stall and cried as he could not even sell chappatis and matar paneer. However, as the video went viral, the people started reaching the stall. The owner started earning 10,000 per day after that.

Kerala people saved lives during the aeroplane crash


After overshooting the runway, an Air India Plane was crashed at the Kozhikode airport in Kerala on August 7. The incident had claimed 18 lives while leaving hundreds of passengers injured. However, the people from neighbouring areas soon gathered at the site of the crash without being afraid of the pandemic and heavy rains. Apart from this, hundreds of people also volunteered at hospitals to donate blood. Later, several doctors stated that quick help saved a lot of lives.

Hyderabad cop ran 2 km to clear roads for an ambulance


An ambulance was stuck in the middle of the traffic in Hyderabad where Babaji, a police constable, ran two kilometres to clear the path for it. The incident was shared on Twitter by Hyderabad police who had recorded the whole episode. The video was shared by a lot of people and Babaji had received appraisal from the people all over the social media.

Woman stood in rain to inform about open manhole


A 55-year-old woman from Mumbai Kanta Bai stood in knee-deep water near an open manhole. She stood there for nearly 8 hours, directing traffic and making people aware of the open manhole. Kanta Bai is a flower vendor and lives on a footpath outside Matunga station.

Kerala teachers taught children of migrant workers living under a bridge


After the lockdown was imposed in the whole country, education was hampered for a lot of kids. In Kochi, a group of children were living under the Vallarpadam bridge with no access to education. However, the teachers from St. John Bosco Upper Primary school emerged as a blessing for the children. The headmistress along with four teachers prepared colourful charts and interactive games for the kids. Also, the teachers took daily classes of the children.

Kolkata man put up a footpath clinic to give free treatment to street kids


Chandra Shekhar Kundu from Kolkata decided to offer medical support to the street children by setting up a footpath clinic. The clinic, established in 2019, also included 40 volunteer doctors. However, it proved to be more helpful in 2020. Hundreds of children are expected to have received the health care facilities.

Food blogger collected ₹57,000 to help Chhanga Lal Baba who sell bhelpuri in Faridabad


Food blogger Sukrit, aka The Great Indian Foodie, gave ₹57,000 to Chhanga Baba, who is 86 years old. Baba’s business had suffered a big hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The blogger collected donations to help the vendor. Later baba also said that he will use the money to pay his grandchildren’s fees.

Delhi rickshaw puller wrapped a stray dog in a blanket and gave it a ride


Protecting a stray dog who was shivering from the cold in Delhi, a rickshaw puller in the city wrapped it in a warm blanket. He also gave the dog, a ride, which was captured by Twitter users. Later, the photos got a lot of “retweets” and the users loved his compassion for the dog.

With these heartwarming incidents that happened in 2020, let’s hope to start the new year with the strength to overcome the global pandemic.

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