White tigers to roar again in Indore Zoo after five years

Indore zoo will send a pair of lions to Nandankanan park under an animal exchange programme.

Five years after the death of a White tigress in Indore leading to the vanishing of the species from the city, Indore Zoo is all set to welcome White and Black Tigers again.

Kamla Nehru Park Source

The news came after the Nandankanan Zoological Park, situated in Odhisa, agreed to send White and Black tigers to Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya, Indore. However, in return, two lions from Kamla Nehru Zoo will be sent to Nandankanan park under an animal exchange programme from other zoos.

After the approval, the Nehru Zoo has started building separate enclosures for tigers. The work is expected to be over by end the of this year. Nandankanan park is also about to send black tigers, which are less in Odhisa. The Kamla Nehru zoo currently has Bengal tigers and tigresses. These tigresses will be kept with the White tigers to ensure the survival of the White tiger species.


Indore zoo to also get pigeons

Apart from this, the Nehru zoo will also receive two silver and one golden pair of pigeons in January. Whereas, the pair of lions from Indore zoo will depart to Nandankanan park on Monday. The officials from the park will be present in the truck to take the lions to Odhisa.

The last surviving white tigress of Kamla Nehru zoo had died in 2016 after suffering from Jaundice.

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