Delhi’s Moped Wali Rajma Chawal Didi, Asha Gupta is serving homecooked food on a moped to survive the pandemic!

People call her Rajma Chawal didi as every morning Asha Gupta leaves her home with steaming rajma chawal on her moped.

Everything was normal for Asha Gupta before the pandemic. She would sell materials of different patterns at the weekly Bazaar. But then the COVID happened, the lockdown was imposed, and it changed everything for her.

Desi Food Strike

Asha is a mother of two teenage sons and is the only bread-runner in her family. Her husband lost both his legs in an accident a few years ago, which made things even more challenging for them. When the lockdown was announced, everything stopped working, and there was no source of income for Asha and her family. This difficult period lasted for almost 5 months, and after that, she decided to start a food stall.

Goldi Singh

With a positive mindset, Asha planned for this small venture. She used her husband’s moped as a food stall. With the help of people who stayed nearby, she did some necessary modifications and kick-started!

Asha had to spend approximately Rs.2,500 on the materials for cooking. For the first few weeks, she didn’t sell much, but did not give up and kept going on. Later on, she changed her location to Shastri Nagar and gradually started doing well.

It was going well for Asha, but then on the 11th of October, something happened again. But this time, it changed things in a good way. A food blogger named Goldy Singh stumbled upon Asha’s food stall and featured her. Made in 3 parts, these videos went viral on social media platforms in no time.

Goldy Singh was the first one to call her by the name ‘ Moped wali Rajma Didi’. Known for his fun videos and philanthropic work, Goldy Singh and his friend Sonam even sponsored a new steel attachment for Asha. This new attachment has 4 hot cases and two additional containers to keep all the food items conveniently.

On this newly refurbished moped, Asha now sells Rajma, Kadhai Pakoda, Matar paneer, and rice. Initially, rotis weren’t included in the menu, but because of high demand, she now sells rotis too. The food is available in small, medium and large plates, and comes at Rs.20, Rs.30, and Rs.50 respectively. 

Asha’s food stall is open all week from 11 am to 4 pm, and if you are anywhere near Shastri Nagar, visit her moped and help her support her family while enjoying a plate of Rajma!

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