Delhi's Rajni Sardana sells Biryani on stall after her husband lost his job in pandemic!

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Delhi's Rajni Sardana sells Biryani on stall after her husband lost his job in pandemic!

People call her ‘Iron Lady’ & ‘Biryani Wali Aunty’ as Rajni came out strong when her husband was fired from his job during the lockdown.

2020 will always be remembered for all the tragic reasons. It's the year when people died, lost their jobs, and struggled to make their ends meet. This pandemic has broken many people. But even in such tough times, some people turned out to be warriors and saviors. They decided to fight back with whatever little they had in their hands. Rajni Sardana is among such warriors.

When her husband Rohit Sardana, who used to work at a cosmetic shop, lost his job during the lockdown, Rajni decided to do something for her family. At first, she was a little anxious about selling biryani on a stall. But then the thought of not surviving lead her to start with this new venture. And as her daughter loves biryani, Rajni decided to make it a biryani stall.


Gujju kudi

This power couple used their own car, made necessary arrangements, and started selling their veg-biryani on the roadside. And since then, the couple has never looked back. Talking to Brut, Rajni said that it takes 4 hours to cook biryani. She has to wake up by 5 in the morning to make enough biryani for a day.


Sold at an affordable price, this veg- biryani is popular among people. You can enjoy this delicious biryani with soya chaap and Raita at Sai Rasoi outside Rohini Court between 11 am to 3 pm. If you are around, you must try this and help Rajni Sardana!

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