Meet Akshay Parkar, an ex 7-star chef who opened a Biryani stall in Dadar after losing his job in the pandemic!

Source: The quint
Source - The Quint

Akshay Parkar, an ex-chef of International cruises and a 7-star hotel, lost his job during the pandemic. But he didn’t lose hope and opened Parkar’s Biryani House in Dadar.

2020 has been a cruel year, It has shown us how quickly things can fall apart, and how anyone could lose everything in a blink of an eye. However, there are some brave people who didn’t stop fighting even after going through a lot. Chef Akshay Parkar is also among those people who did not stop, and Parkar’s biryani stall is a living example of this.

Akshay Parkar's biryani stall
the better India

Akshay Parkar worked as a chef for a 7-star hotel like TajSATS in Mumbai and even served as chef for almost eight years in international cruises. He lost his job due to the lockdown, but still, he didn’t lose hope. He knew sitting idol and waiting would not feed him. As he is the sole bread runner of the family, he had to do something immediately to sustain. A vada pav snack vendor from his neighborhood was kind enough to hand over Akshay his business space. And that’s when Akshay decided to use his cooking skills and came up with the idea of the biryani stall.

Akshay Parkar's biryani stall
Being Malwani

In the very first week of September, Akshay opened Parkar’s Biryani House, and since then, it has seen a very speedy growth. It started with selling 5 kg of Biryani per day to 7 kg now, which is great for a start-up stall like this. Located at J.K Sawant Marg, Dadar west, you can enjoy this special Biryani at very affordable rates. The veg Biryani will cost you Rs.120, Egg Biryani comes at Rs.130, and the chicken biryani is available at Rs.140. You can even contact him for bulk orders.

The Biryani Stall by Akshay Parkar is a hit amongst the customers and his story is inspirational in every way. It is a proof that even in the darkest of times one can see, only if they know how to turn on the lights!

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