Delhi’s Parvin Kumar Goyal is serving a complete thali at just Rs.1

His eatery Shyam Rasoi has served many people during the lockdown with this wholesome thali and his kindness.

Lockdown has tested people in every possible circumstance. From losing jobs to not being able to buy basic necessities, this pandemic has been brutal with people in many ways. During such terrible times, Parvin Kumar Goyal decided to help people with his kindness and made Shyam Rasoi a savior for people, where he sells a complete lunch thali at just Rs.1!

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Talking to ANI, he said, “Daily we feed 1,000 to 1,100 people here and also provide parcels in nearby areas such as Inderlok, Sai Mandir, via three e-rickshaws. Altogether around 2,000 Delhiites eat here from Shyam ki Rasoi.”

Though it was initiated by Parvin Kumar, now, other people have also contributed to it. The eatery receives a lot of appreciation through donations. People help him by giving ration, wheat, and many have even helped him via digital payments. He has 5-6 helpers with him daily, and sometimes even college students help him out by serving the thali.


The area for the eatery was provided by a businessman Ranjeet Singh and is located inside a factory that was shut down by National Green Tribunal (NGT). Initially, the Thali was priced at Rs.10, but later on, it was revised at Rs.1 to be more accessible for people.

Running successfully for the last two months, Shyam Rasoi serves hygienic and delicious food. However, the menu keeps changing every day, the Thali usually includes Soya Pulao, Paneer, Roti, Rice, and even Halwa. In the morning, you can even order a hot cup of chai, which is also served at Rs.1.

Located in Nangloi, Shyam Rasoi serves people with love and kindness between 11 AM to 1 PM. You can also visit the place and enjoy this thali and help Parvin Kumar Goyal with some donations.

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