Located at about 117 KM from Kolkata, Mangalgunj haunted camp will let you experience a thrilling & adventurous camping like never before.

No matter how much of a darpok one is, we can never say no to a horror story session if we’re out. It’s always fun, but you know what’s even more bone-chilling? It is going to a place which is haunted, then taking a night walk and listening to horror stories around bonfire. If you are up for something like this, you should definitely plan for a Haunted Camping with Izifiso Backpackers’ camp in Mangalgung!


Mangalgunj is a small village named after Maharaja Mangalchandra. It is known for the haunted “Nil Kuthi” or “Neel Kuthi” (Indigo processing house), which is situated on the bank of the Ichhamati River. It has seen the tortures of the Britishers on the local farmers and the death of many freedom fighters during the Swadeshi movement. The paranormal presence of Nil Kuthi around the camp will make your stay spooky!

Brace yourself for an exciting and thrilling walk to the haunted Nilkuthi in the evening. Then make it eerier with the spine-chilling horror tales of the ‘Kata Saheber Kuthi’ (Nilkuthi’s original name) around the bonfire at night!

Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa

Izifiso Backpackers’ camp is perfectly fine for faint-hearted people too as it has a lot more to offer. You can enjoy a fun boat ride in the Ichamoti river. After that, you can pay a visit to Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary. Then enjoy delicious meals at the villa and even try bamboo chicken in the evening with fire-flies around you. If you want to add more thrill to this experience, then go for a walk through the creepy jungle. You might end up running into someone! if you know what we mean 😉 

Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa

You can either stay in the adventure tents or the bamboo cottages. And watch the mesmerizing sunset while lying on the bamboo benches. This haunted camp at Mangalgunj should definitely be on your bucket list if you love to visit eccentric places!

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