Spooky Alert! Check out these haunted places in Kolkata

If you’ve binged watch all the horror movies without even flinching, we might have found something interesting for you. Have you heard about a cemetery where spirits of British soldiers wander? Or an old office building where an officer was killed almost a decade back and whose spirit still haunts people there? Well, we suggest to avoid these places but read about these haunted places in Kolkata you might not want to visit.

1. Writers’ Building

haunted places in Kolkata

This is one of the oldest buildings in Kolkata and was set up during the 1700s. Back in the days, it served as the principal administrative office for writers. It was in 1930 that three members of a revolutionary group Benoy, Badal, and Dinesh entered the building and assassinated the then inspector general of police, colonel Simpson. The latter was known for treating Indian prisoners brutally. It is said that the spirit of Simpson still haunts the building as there have been stories of people hearing footsteps, giggling and random outcries. The fear is so much that employees don’t dare stay past dusk.

2. The Hastings House

Another heritage building in Kolkata, built in the 18th century, this one is known for a spirit whose behaviours match that of Governor-General Warren Hastings. As per stories, India’s first Governor-General still visits this place looking for valuables. People have claimed to see a man riding a horse when arriving at the house. Some also claim to hear giggles of young kids and the sound of a football late at midnight, when the place is empty.

3. The National Library

haunted places in Kolkata

Located in Alipore, the National Library of India is home to over 2.2 million books. But the place is also notorious for its paranormal activities. According to the guard of the library, you hear the voice of a woman howling or giggling at times. The voice is claimed to be of the wife of Lord Metcalfe. It is even said that if you don’t return a book to the shelf, you can feel her breathing heavily down your neck. Now we are sure you’ll never leave a book in the wrong place if you visit this library.

4. Rabindra Sarobar Station

haunted places in Kolkata

Ek Challis ki last local in Mumbai is fine, but if you’re boarding the last train from Rabindra Sarobar Station, beware. Locals claim that they often see shadows and hear weird noises that have no explanation. But one popular story on the street is that the spirits are of the people who committed suicide at the station or died by falling off the train. Brb, booking an Uber.

5. South Park Street Cemetery

haunted places in Kolkata

A cemetery is rarely a tourist spot, but this one is. It has been rated by 872 people on Google! But that aside, as it is with the most cemetery, this place is also said to have spooky vibes. People have felt the presence of something superficial, but not to a massive extent. But one incident has shaken the locals. It is to be believed, a group of friends visited the place and clicked a bunch of photos, but all of them had a weird shadow. And later the person who clicked the photos died of an asthma attack even though he wasn’t asthmatic.

6. Wipro Office


We rarely see a corporate office on a list of haunted places in Kolkata, but here we are. This office in Salt Lake City warns its employees from staying away from certain parts of the office compound. Especially the third flood of tower three. It is said that the office complex is built on what used to be a graveyard and has seen several rapes and murders. Apparently, the employees have complained of strange actives in the washrooms and doorways of the building.

7. Royal Turf Club

Being haunted by spirits of people is one, but have you ever seen a place haunted by the spirit of a horse? Well, that’s the case here. The horse in question is named Pearl and belonged to George Williams, a horse racing enthusiast. The white horse had won almost all the races. Towards the end of her life, she ran the last race at the Annual Calcutta Derby where William lost a lot of money. The very next day the horse was found dead with bullet marks all over. Although, whether Pearl was shot to set her free or out of frustration is still a mystery. But people around the place have claimed to see the spirit of a white horse here.

8. Howrah Bridge


One of the most popular tourist spots in the city, Howrah Bridge is also infamous for being one of the haunted places in Kolkata. Many people have jumped off the bride and taken their life. But here’s where it gets spooky. The wrestlers who practice at the river shore late at night have claimed to see hands asking for help, right above the water surface. But whenever someone goes to help, they end up drowning as well. Nobody knows for sure if it’s the people asking for help or actually spirits taking people down, or just a rumour.

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