Spooky Alert! These haunted places in Delhi will give you nightmares!

Are you someone who enjoys watching horror movies? Think you can do better than the protagonist and not fall into the ghost’s trap? Well, then you might be interested to know these spooky tales from the city. If you’re a Delhi resident, have you ever had an urge to hit the road and bust the ghost saga? Check out these haunted places in Delhi, and you might be lucky (or unlucky) enough to be greeted by something supernatural.

1. Delhi Cantonment

A popular location in the Capital, Delhi Cantonment, comes with a spine chilling story of its own. Although there is no theory or reason behind the incidents, it is said the area is haunted by the spirit of a woman dressed in a white saree. Wait, there’s more. A woman is often seen asking for a lift from passing cars, and if refused, she chases the car with matching speed. 

2. Lothian Cemetery

haunted places in Delhi

Ever heard of Nearly Headless Nick? Yes, the ghost from Harry Potter. Well, we found a complete headless one, and he resides in the oldest cemetery in DelhiLothian Cemetery has been the burial spot since 1808 and 1867 and said to hold the corpses of Numerous European soldiers. And the ghost haunting this place is said to be of a British soldier Sir Nicholas (we are not kidding), who shot himself in the head because he could not get his lady love. His spirit is said to wander around the cemetery, holding his head in his hands and screaming the name of the women he loved. 

3. Sanjay Van

haunted places in Delhi

A beautiful wooded forest during the day, Sanjay van is home to several residents and visiting birds. But as the night gets thicker, a creepy feeling sets in. An old woman dressed in white saree is seen walking in the forest. And if that wasn’t spooky enough, people also claim to hear evil laughs of children. 

4. Agrasen ki Baoli

haunted places in Delhi

popular tourist destination as well as shooting spot for a few Bollywood films, you would recognize this place from movies like PK and Sultan. But once darkness falls over, the place is engulfed in a spooky vibe. The structure used to be filled with black water earlier, which would lure people into drowning themselves. Although the water has dried out now, the place still has enough creepy vibes to freak you out.

5. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

The 14th-century fort, or whatever is left of it, is said to be passed by jinns. But locals here have a different approach in dealing with the supernatural. Every Thursday, a group of locals would gather to light candles and incense sticks in specific dark corners to please the djinns. They even offer them a bowl of milk and grain to appease the jinns. But jinns can be moody, and people claim to be suddenly pushed or thrashed by them. If you’re unlucky, they might even follow you to your home.

6. Khooni Darwaza

As the name suggests, the Khooni Darwaza was the place for executions back in the Mughal era. In a battle to claim the throne, Aurangzeb and his brother Dara Shikoh, fought a battle, where the latter lost, and his head was displayed at the gate. Although it’s not confirmed whose spirit haunts this place, there have been reports of Blood-curdling screams and anguished cries coming from the gate. Sudden temperature drops in the area, combined with apparitions, can give anyone chills.

7. Delhi Ridge Area

haunted places in Delhi

A northern extension of the ancient Aravalli Range, this Ridge is almost 1500 million years old. This place is home to a lot of historical monuments as well as to the spirit of a British gentleman. It is said that his ghost is seen strolling around the area with an old-school rifle. If you dare visit the place, expect to get low reception, unnatural stillness, and sudden sweet fragrance. There have been many unexplained disappearances.

8. Dwarka Sector 9 tree

haunted places in Delhi

Talking about haunted places in Delhi, how can we not mention this popular road. A quite specific location for a haunted place, this area near the metro station, is notorious for quite a few reasons. There have been reports of cars being chased by a strange figure. While some even claim that they were suddenly slapped by something. Creeped out yet? Even if you skip crossing the area at night, it’s not much safe during the day either. The area is known for nasty car and bike accidents along the curve. 

9. Chor Minar

haunted places in Delhi

The structure got his name from the Khalji dynasty when Alauddin Khalji used the tower to display the heads of the thieves as punishment. The tower has 225 holes, all of which were used for the same purpose. Nobody dares to visit this place, especially after dark. And according to locals, strange noises are said to come from the tower.

10. Mutiny House

Built in the memory of those who fought in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, this is one of the most haunted places in Delhi you could visit. Not only the place haunted by unknown spirits, but people have also claimed to see severed body parts. Now that’s one place we’re completely avoiding.

11. The Karkardooma Delhi Court

haunted places in Delhi

Not an ancient structure, in fact, this court is still functional. But most lawyers working in the Karkardooma Court Complex claim to have experienced paranormal activities. Instances of random opening and shutting of doorsfiles being removed from the drawer, blinking lights, and appearance of a hazy figure through the walls have been reported. And all of these have been recorded in the court’s CCTV cameras.

12. DDA flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II


A very particular address for a haunted house, but residents nearby strongly believe this society and the area around is haunted. People have claimed to see a corpse of woman hanging upside down from a tree. There are stories that the land on which the flats were built was once a graveyard. Well, with creepy laughter of a woman, sudden change in temperature and winds, we surely won’t rule out that possibility. If this isn’t one of the haunted places in Delhi, we don’t know what is.

13. W-3 Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash is a popular neighbourhood in the city, but a particular house W-3 has a scary story attached to it. The story goes back to 1986 when the couple residing in the house was murdered. Their body was dumped in an underground water tank and was later found by the police. Since no next to kin of the couple came forward, the house was abandoned ever since. Locals have claimed to hear weird noises coming from the house and also to have experienced paranormal feeling. Although a new house has been built on the ruins by a Gupta family, who visit the place twice a year or so. The caretaker living in the house hasn’t reported any haunted vibes

14. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal


This 700-year-old fort was built by Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq of the Tughlaq Dynasty in the 14th century. The paranormal activities happening here are so bone-chilling that despite being under protection by the government, there has been no maintenance, and no guard lasts more than a day. The spirit of the queen is said to wander around the place. Even during the day, people visiting the place have claimed to get an eerie feeling.

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