Police to use two drones on Mumbai-Pune Expressway to track motorists

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Police to use two drones on Mumbai-Pune Expressway to track motorists

Two drones on Mumbai-Pune Expressway will click photographs of motorists who break the rules.

Putting an end to reckless driving, highway police is all set to use two drones on Mumbai-Pune Expressway to keep track of vehicles in this new year.



The State road development body MSRDC, the highway police, and the NGO, Save Life Foundation, will together carry out this initiative. The vehicles of police and NGO personnel will operate the drones. If a motorist tries to break the rules, the drones will capture the photographs. And, the team will forward its registration number to the toll plaza to fine the motorist after reaching there.

Two drones on Mumbai-Pune Expressway to control accidents

The 95-km long Mumbai-Pune Expressway is one of the busiest highways all through the year. It also reports fatalities due to negligence of safety rules daily. Till October, this year, 58 people have lost their lives, and 124 cases of accidents have taken place. The cases of overspeeding and lane cutting were 1.2 lakh and 1.9 lakh, respectively. Officials often claim that the main cause of accidents is sudden lane cutting and illegal parking.

To prevent such cases, drones will help in alerting motorists if they break the rules. The announcements would be made in three languages- Hindi, English, and Marathi to ensure the safety of motorists. Also, more drones will be added later after the success of this initiative.

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