Meet ‘Gold Ghari’! A Sweet Shop in Surat is selling Mithai Made Out Of Real Gold!

Gold Ghari, by a Surat-based sweet shop, is making quite a buzz on the internet!

Festive season is here, and is it even a festival if we do not indulge in sweets? Food is one thing that being experimented with way too many times. Be it fusion desserts, Pineapple on Pizza, numerous varieties of momos, or any other cuisine, but more or less, we have seen many experiments with food and loved many, liked some, and detested a few. Well, if you are thinking about what innovation now the food industry can bring, think again. There is a new mithai in buzz these days, a sweet shop in Surat has rolled out Gold Ghari, a sweet that is not only golden in colour, but is actually made out of actual gold.


This golden sweet was launched for Chandi Padvo, a Gujarati festival, that falls just one day after the Sharad Poornima. 

“We have launched ‘gold ghari‘ this year. It is healthy. Gold is considered a beneficial metal in Ayurveda. It has been three days since its launch. Demand is a little below expectations as the market is sluggish. We hope it will get a good response in the coming days,” said shop owner Rohan, the man behind this unique creation (as reported on ANI).

Ghari is a sweet made out of ghee, flour, and dates and is usually priced for INR 600 to 800 per kilo, whereas the Gold Ghari is sold at Rs. 9,000 per kg. 

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