Photographers from Jaipur who have captured the beauty of the city!

From magnificent palaces to beautiful forts and gorgeous museums, Jaipur is well known for its rich architectural heritage. Combined with the local culture and tradition, this city becomes a must-visit place for both Indian and foreign tourists. With all these breathtaking monuments and architecture, it’s quite impossible to control the urge to not capture the beauty of Jaipur, and the local photographers are doing this picturesquely well. With their imagination and creativity, these shutterbugs from Jaipur are showcasing the beauty of the city, capturing beautiful shots, and making us fall in love with it all over again. Here are some accounts from Jaipur you must follow to view Pink City through the lens of these photographers.

1. Jitendra Singh

Master of angles and perception, you’ll get to see the city from a different angle. Be it the beautiful clouds, or some kids playing under the sun, photographer Jitendra Singh manages to capture everything magically.

Check out his Instagram here

2. Shubham Jain

From clicking the most scenic locations to capturing everyday life, Shubham Jain can do it all. His Instagram feed is an ode to Jaipur, and we can get lost in it for hours.

Check out his Instagram here

3. RJ Singh

Experimenting with unconventional viewpoints, this travel photographer is capturing the best of Jaipur. This master of perspective brings out an altogether new charm to the familiar places of the Pink city. He is one of the most talented photographers from Jaipur, and his feed is a testimony to it.

Check out the account here

4. Abhilash Kumar

Capturing people and monuments in the same frame and making both look stunning, is an art, and Abhilash does it beautifully and is one of the most renowned photographers from Jaipur. With unique angles, beautiful concepts, and perfect clicks, Abhilash’s feed is an inspiration to many upcoming photography enthusiasts.

Check out the account here

5. Akshay Singh Chauhan 

Photographing Jaipur from all sorts of angles, with people and without, Akshay Singh Chauhan showcases Pink City in the best way possible.

Check out his account here

6. Puneet Yadav

Ok, without a second thought, Puneet Yadav captures the beauty of Jaipur and Rajasthan that will make you fall in love with every damn place.

Check out his account here

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