Want to eat something healthy? Try Sunshine Bowl by Deli By The Blue at home!

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Want to eat something healthy? Try Sunshine Bowl by Deli By The Blue at home!

For people who avoid spicy or oily food might sometimes find themselves in a fix to find a healthy option. Well, you might not want to step out, but how about cooking something interesting yet delicious? Check out this recipe by Chef Juliano Rodrigues of Sunshine Bowl from Deli By The Blue, Mumbai! So get ready, fetch some greens, quinoa, nuts, eggs, and make this delicious, healthy, and wholesome dish.

Sunshine Bowl

Sunshine Bowl 


Mix Leafy greens -100 gm

Arugula - 30 gm

Candied nuts - 10 gm

Sunflower seeds - 5 gm

Black olives - 10 nos

Half-cut cherry tomatoes - 5 nos

Cooked quinoa - 30 gm

Sunnyside egg - 1 no

Balsamic vinaigrette dressing - 1 tbsp


1) In a bowl, add mix leafy greens, arugula, black olives, and cherry tomato along with quinoa

2) Dress the veggies well with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

3) In a serving bowl, place mix ingredients and garnish with candied peel and sunflower seeds

4) Top the dish with a fried egg 

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