A letter brewed with love for our forever companion Coffee!

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A letter brewed with love for our forever companion Coffee!

Coffee is not a drink but sometimes our companion when travel, work, study, go on a date, or just chill at home. It always leaves us in awe with the varieties it has to offer, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, black, espresso, latte, americano and so many other flavors that we can snort on anytime and anywhere. Today on International Coffee Day, here is a letter of love to Coffee. Sit with a warm cuppa of freshly brewed coffee as you read this letter.

letter to coffee

Dear Coffee,

I am writing to you today to spill all the beans.

You know, I can consume gallons of you every day, kicking off my morning with a brew of a fresh cuppa to sipping you on nights I have to stay awake to meet the deadline. And there is no comparison to having an espresso shot when I have heaps of tasks on my work desk? And don't get me started how important you are when I am getting late for work every morning, I can just grab and have you on the go!

I can pair you up in any scenario maybe a cup of Cappuccino with lashing rains during Mumbai Monsoon, or a glass of Iced Latte during scorching heat in Delhi, or some Irish Coffee with dollops of whipped cream while it snows in Shimla, or filter kappe as I gaze at the misty mountains in Ooty. Or I can have you black anytime and anywhere!

Let me make it clear, you are pure magic every time.

Coffee, you are a major element of Hygge and I know why it is because you bring with yourself the right amount of coziness and joy. Your aroma is magical. You are like a hug in a mug.

When someone said, a lot can happen over a coffee, they weren't wrong. All the corporate world decisions happen sipping you on the side, people fall in love when they meet their dates with you, friendships get stronger by just hanging with you. You truly work mysteriously.

You have no idea how many times, I have sent you to cheer a friend in stress and you gave them the big smile and the boost to deal with their mess.

I remember you as my midnight companion from childhood when I and my sister use to sneak into the kitchen, each trying to whip coffee, and gossiping about the school crush. From a cup of beaten coffee to Dalgona Coffee trending on the feed, you have transformed yourself with us, Damn, no kidding, I always fancy those diamond, gold, and rose cappuccinos full of glitter and warmth.

You are with me at the moment right next to my typewriter helping me pour my sentiments on paper.

Only and Only for you to know, Words cannot espresso how important you are to me in my daily hustle.

With Love,

Coffee Head

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