Chefs from Jaipur taking Culinary Art to another level

Try on some yummy recipes by these Young Chefs from Jaipur, spreading love and warmth with their food.

These creative Young Chefs from Jaipur have transformed the Culinary Art and are cooking yummilicious food. A criterion that separates these chefs from merely competent cooks is the thoughtfulness with which they create unique dishes. Dig in their Instagram profiles to know more! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

1. Neha Deepak Shah

Neha Shah is the first runner-up of Masterchef India Season 4. She is the co-founder of Meraaki Kitchen and White Sage in Jaipur. You can amp up your cooking skills by following her recipes. From Nutella cookies to cheese burst Garlic Bread, her recipes are easy to follow and will definitely leave you feeling satiated and happy.

2. Anugya Ajmera

Anugya believes in creating Global dishes with Local ingredients and has done plenty of recipes that revolve around the same. We are talking about Dessert Pizzas to Chicago Pizzas, Tacos to Pancakes, Churros to Thukpa, and the likes. Innovative yet sustainable cooking is what one can learn from her. Go follow her right away.

3. Ria and Richa

Founders of And then I ate, this sister duo has the most drool-worthy pictures of food on Instagram. Their Instagram feed is full of farm-fresh ingredients, artistically documented Recipies, and beautifully plated meals. Check out their page now and get cooking.

4. Avani Khandelwal

Avani is a self-taught baker and a food blogger. Her page will compel you to visit your kitchens more often. If you are looking for scrumptious evening snacks and desserts, she has got you covered. For Icecreams, Brownies, Puddings, Cheese Crust Pizzas, go dig in her recipes.

5. Anjalee Patni

Anjalee is delivering love and warmth with her savouries like Lasagna, Bruschetta, Cheesecake, and more. For those of us looking for some comfort and exotic food, order for your Kravings.

Let us know in the comments section if you know any other Food Bloggers and Chefs from Jaipur.

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