Check-out these Handmade ceramics from Bangalore to add a little drama to your home decor!

During this lockdown, there’s a mini chef born in every home. And for that mini chef, plating the dish is as important as making the dish. But are your plates too mundane? Don’t worry, we have got you a solution. Add these Handmade ceramics from Bangalore in your home decor and instantly add an aesthetic vibe. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Swaa Clay Studio

For all the bookworms out there, this is for you! Enjoy your favorite book with your comfort drink in this handcrafted ceramic cup from Swaa Clay Studio.

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2. Tattva Handmade

Give your serve ware a flowery twist. These ceramic Tableware enhances the look and gives an aesthetic look. You can also order a customized handmade ceramic ware. Cool, isn’t it?

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3. Trayah Pottery

Let’s take a look back into the past. This tea set takes us back to the 17th century. Doesn’t it? Add a classic vintage vibe to your dining table with these ceramics from Trayah Pottery.

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4. Amalfiee Ceramics

Looking for ceramics that add drama and glamour to your decor? No more looking, here’s something that might catch your attention. Enjoy the sip of every drink in a classic way.

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5. Craft So Sublime

From bowls for desserts to game-themed plates, this store has a lot to offer. There’s never too many mugs! So click on the link below and order your favorite.

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6. Songs of Summer Studio

Handmade ceramics for your garden area? Yes? Then Songs of Summer Studio is where you need to head too! From artistic wall flowers to vintage flower pots, this place is a heaven for gardeners.

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Where are you headed to buy your Handmade ceramics from Bangalore?

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