Attend this fundraiser event by Anahad Foundation & Believe Entertainment aiming to conserve India’s folk music!

Together, Louder, Stronger – is a fundraiser event for the performance industry workers and folk artists by Anahad Foundation, which is aimed at conserving India’s beautiful folk music heritage and its artists, produced by Believe Entertainment, the world’s fastest-growing digital and live music company.

Anahad Foundation fundraiser event

The current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented lockdown and cancellation of all live shows. This crisis has put the industry workers- ranging from sound engineers to tentwaalas as well as the folk artists at great risk due for the foreseeable future. It has put over 10 million+ jobs in the Indian event industry at risk thereby placing 25,000 livelihoods at stake. The future of these artists and backstage workers, which relies completely on the on-ground shows and events, is at risk.

In these uncertain times, while mainstream artists are now going digital and have found alternatives, it is the freelancers and daily wagers of this industry along with the folk artists for whom the lockdown has had a devastating impact.

Anahad Foundation fundraiser event

Up to 20 mainstream and independent, highly talented musician and stars of India like Shaan, Mame Khan, Jonita Gandhi, Benny Dayal, When Chai Met Toast, Bhuvan Bam, Nithyasree Mahadevan, and others have come together to support these folk artists, workers, and their families at this critical time through this fundraising initiative.

Artists will perform from their homes. There will be talks by reputed industry stalwarts, sharing their journey from their struggling days. Each artist will do a 5-7-minute-long web-episode and the entire event will be of 3-4 hours long. The event will bring to light the stories of actual industry workers, folk artists, showcasing the indispensable role of freelancers and encouraging fans to contribute towards the fund and support these folk artists and industry workers.

Together, Louder, Stronger, the virtual event will be launched on Saturday, 26th September, live on Facebook and YouTube channels of Anahad Foundation and Believe Entertainment.

Donate here for Anahad Foundation fundraiser event.

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