Mumbai waves off Institutional Quarantine for Negative passengers; now provides RT-PCR Test at Mumbai Airport!

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Mumbai waves off Institutional Quarantine for Negative passengers; now provides RT-PCR Test at Mumbai Airport!

Traveling to Mumbai? Amidst the chaos and uncertainty in the atmosphere, RT-PCR Test at Mumbai Airport is now up and running. Not just this, they are also skipping the process of Institutional Home Quarantine for all the arriving passengers without a negative test result. After Delhi, Mumbai is the second city to have launched the express Coronavirus test. The express facility is available near the exit gates of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Mumbai, Terminal 2. At the moment, it is only available for the arriving passengers but will soon resume for the departing passengers too.

RT-PCR Test at Mumbai Airport

Here's how the RT-PCR Test at Mumbai Airport works:

1. Get yourself tested in two ways, one, you can get yourself registered at the help desk upon arrival, or second, you can make an online booking on ICMR approved Suburban Diagnostics laboratory website.

2. You need to pay an amount of Rs. 1600 for the testing, i.e., available 24/7.

3. After the test, you will be allowed to sit at the waiting lounge with arrangements for Food and Beverages. Apart from this, you can also take a room at the airport hotel with due permission from the authorities.

4. Within 8 hours you will be provided with a digital as well as a physical report of your test. So plan your booking for the next flight with a gap of at least 8 hours.

5. The passengers testing negative will be allowed to travel further with a stamp indicating 'Home Quarantine' by the officials.

6. The passengers that test positive will be moved to an appointed facility by state authorities.

Keeping the current rules in mind, all international passengers will have to undergo a 7 day home quarantine as well as 7 days of institutional quarantine. To skip the process of institutional quarantine, you need to pre-register and have a negative COVID-19 report taken before 96 hours of your journey. This process will help you skip Institutional Quarantine.

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