Looking for eligible plasma therapy donors? Listed websites will help you.

COVID-19 has affected countries for quite some time now and is making impacting in India since March. The doctors globally are trying their best to look for a possible vaccine that could cure millions. Though, all the efforts are in disdain till now. But Indian doctors have come up with Plasma therapy and are trying to treat moderate to severe patients. However, everything comes with its set of difficulties, so does this treatment. In the time of emergencies, looking for a potential donor gets really difficult. Here’s a rundown of Facebook pages and websites that can help you search for plasma therapy donors.

1. Plasma Donor

They are building a bridge between plasma donors and COVID-19 patients. You can simply go up to their website and register. Till now they have helped 250 patients with 20 donors across 8 cities.

Check here.

2. ILBS Hospital

Anyone between the age of 18-60 years who has fully recovered from the virus and has not shown any symptoms in the 14 days of recovery can go to ILBS and donate their plasma. However, people with any co-morbidities are not eligible for the same.

Call: 1031
WhatsApp: +91 88000-07722

3. Dhoondh

The origin of Dhoondh bloomed from very personal experience. One needs to fill a form answering basic questions like medical conditions, blood type, and when they were infected.

Check here.

4. Plasma Yodha

websites for plasma therapy donors

Plasma Yodha is a platform driven by doctors and technology. It ensures plasma of eligible donors is stored at blood banks and connected to critical care patients who need it most right now.

Click here.

5. NDTV Plasma Donation Initiative

NDTV has come up with a campaign where you can drop them an email or a Whatsapp message. It should consist of all the details about the requirements and prescription from the doctor.

Email id: feedback@ndtv.com
WhatsApp: +91 99106-68811

6. Need Plasma

The website takes all the necessary information from the donor as well as the patient. Once the patient has the best match, they can contact the donor directly. Although, only patients with a proper case sheet from the doctor will be treated.

Check here.

7. Panthak Saanjh

websites for plasma therapy donors

This initiative has started by an NGO catering to the Sikh community. With their already existing network, they are helping patients get in touch with eligible donors and free oxygen cylinders on a returnable basis.

Check here.

8. Plasma Line

websites for plasma therapy donors

PlasmaLine makes sure that you get in touch with a donor. The details of the patient will only be disclosed to potential and genuine donors.

Check here.

9. KAB Welfare Foundation Initiave

A mother-daughter duo is helping the patients in need by connecting them to possible plasma donors. They take into consideration all guidelines by IRCS and WHO during donations.

Check here.

We genuinely hope everyone stays indoor and safe. Just in case, things turn otherwise. These Facebook pages and websites for plasma therapy donors can save precious lives.

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