The floating National Park in Manipur is the only one in the whole wide world!

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The floating National Park in Manipur is the only one in the whole wide world!

We never knew that Manipur in India is a host to the only floating National Park in the world. Now that we know, it is time that we put forth our nature-loving soul and explore the flora and fauna.

Folks, this might come as a shocker but believe us, Keibul Lamjao National Park in Manipur is the world's only floating wildlife park situated in the Bishnupur district.

Floating National Park in Manipur

Push yourself away from the city limits and venture a little far outside in the park that floats on the largest freshwater lake in north-east India, Loktak Lake. You will please yourself with luscious greenery as masses of vegetation float in water natively called ‘phumdis’. The blues of the water and blue and whites of the sky share a bond making the wildlife park heavenly and postcard-perfect.

This wildlife park is home to Manipur’s state animal, Eld Deer, 233 aquatic plants, 100 species of birds, 425 species of animals including the Sambhar and Indian Python. This beautiful vegetation is screaming out to be explored by you.


Get on a pretty little boat and row your way through the park. Enjoy the sight of horned deers, emerald green vegetation, crystal clear water, and color play of the sky. While the boatman takes you around and chitter-chatters with you.

Doesn’t it sound bewildering to you? When are you hopping on that boat with your friends?

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