Do you know about these English words derived from Hindi?

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Do you know about these English words derived from Hindi?

For those who may not know, Hindi is one of the prominent languages in our country. And on 14th September 1949, the Hindi language (written in Devnagri script) was adopted as one of the official languages of India, with the second being the English. Since then, every year, 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas. British stayed in India for more than 200 years, and as the Britishers influenced us with their language and culture, India and its language Hindi has also impacted the English language. There are so many English words that are derived from the Hindi language.

1. Jungle

Can there be any chance 'Jungle' is not originated from the Hindi word 'Jangal'? No right? The word means dense forests as if you guys didn't know!

2. Shampoo

The word 'shampoo', in English, is defined as a liquid preparation for washing hair, deriving from the Hindi word 'champo', which means 'to press, knead the muscles, or massage. In the year. The term was introduced to Brighton by a Bengali trader, Sheikh Deen Mohammad, who opened a shampooing bath in 1814.

3. Cot

Khaat or Chaarpai is a traditional bed made of wood and jute or rope. Cot means a light bedstead and it is probably derived from the word Khatwa or Khaat.

4. Dacoit

The word Dacoit is borrowed from the Hindi word Daaku and Dakait, which means a member of a band of armed robbers.

5. Thug

Thug means robbers, a violent person, or a criminal, and it entered the English language in the early 19th Century.

6. Pyjama

We all know Payajama is all Indian, which means comfortable, loose, and lightweight trousers. When you break down the word to Pay means leg and Jama mean clothes.

7. Chit

A 'chit' in the English language is defined as an official note. It is derived from the Hindi word, Chithi in the late 18th Century, which means letter or a note pass.

8. Loot

Lut in Hindi defines to steal or rob from someone. The word seemed to travel with the British, making it loot with the meaning remaining the same.

9. Cushy

Cushy, which means comfortable, easy, or relaxed in English, originates from the Hindi word 'Khushi', a word for happiness.

Do you know any other English words derived from Hindi?

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