Getting paid for a Vacay? Yayy! Uttarakhand Government will pay for your vacation! Are you Ready?

Running away to hill stations right now seems the perfect getaway, but not sure? Don’t be anymore! Here’s something that’s going to make this getaway even more fun! Uttarakhand Government will pay for your vacation, yes, you read that right. Read on to find out more about the same.

Uttarakhand’s tourism department is now offering discount coupons for tourists visiting the state. As decided, the tourists will be offered an incentive coupon of Rs.1000. Tourism Minister, Satpal Maharaj, has come up with this idea to revive tourism, as the state receives most of its revenue from tourism.

How does it Work:

The tourists will be given the discount coupon while registering themselves on the government portal under the tourist category. They will then be able to use the coupon during their stay in a hotel or homestay in the tourist spots of the state.

The offer will begin soon, and it will be applicable for tourists who register themselves online make an e-booking of a minimum of three days. You can claim the coupon at whichever hotel or homestay you wish to board on.

The Reason behind the Paid Vacay:

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, the most-visited tourist site has been shut owing to the pandemic. It was then decided at a Cabinet Meeting to promote tourism by providing coupons. Thoughtful, isn’t it? Uttarakhand Government will pay for your vacation, so are your bags packed?

Guidelines to Follow:

1. Tourists must register themselves on the Smart City Portal by the state government. 

2. Travelers will have to submit a COVID negative report which has been tested in the last 72 hours of the travel. 

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