Delhi Metro is back on track and all ready to fight COVID-19!

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Delhi Metro is back on track and all ready to fight COVID-19!

After a long 5-month halt Delhi metro is back on track. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DRMC) is all set to resume its services, keeping in mind the agenda of managing the crowd that usually metro trains and stations. While there were a lot of concerns regarding the crowding inside metros and on the stations, but the authorities are following means and methods to employ proper social distancing and hygiene to control the spread.

Delhi Metro on track

Along with all the measures DMRC is taking place, they have also made a detailed guideline of do's and don'ts for their commuters while traveling in the new normal pandemic environment. The coaches with the usual capacity of 350-400 people, will only allow 50 people at one go. Following this, they will also make sure, if the coach is full and the station is crowded, the metro will not halt at the particular station.


To begin with, Yellow Line (Huda City to Samayapur Badli) is on track, and by 12th September, all lines will be up and running. Also, the dwelling time at each station will be increased by 15-20 seconds for people to board and de-board. With this, at transit stations, all metros will be sanitized which is likely to decrease the frequency of metros. Albeit, to overcome this problem, DMRC will put all the trains to service. They have also appealed the passengers to keep 15-30 minutes extra while they are travelling.

Delhi Metro on track

New Settings

Longer Halts: At interchange stations, the train will stop for 20 seconds longer and at single-track stations for 10 seconds longer to allow people to board and deboard safely.

Fresh Air at Stations: The cooling time at stations will be reduced, and more ventilation will be given space.

Fresh Air In Coaches: Outdoor air valves will be open to 100%, speeding up the air refreshing.


Tips for you to be safe

Avoid Touching: While travelling, make sure you don't touch your face, eyes, and nose until you sanitize. 

Wear Masks: At all times, make sure you are wearing masks, but avoid wearing the ones with valves.

Travel Short: Avoid taking long distances via the metro as it increases the risk.

Use Smart Cards: Smart Cards are the safest option as they avoid your contact with unknown objects.

What do you think about the Delhi Metro coming back on track?

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