Tune in to the conversation with Kushal Sethi from Delhi, decoding his music cover, one song at a time!

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Kushal Sethi from Delhi was always inclined towards music since his childhood. Later he started performing in college festivals. His music was also released on MTV Indies. Like the lockdown has changed so many things for us, it did for him too. He started creating some mind-boggling music covers again with his wife and took over Instagram with a melodious storm. Let's see what Kushal has to say about his journey!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you based out of and what was your childhood like?

I am based out of Delhi, 29 years old I had a passion for music since college but couldn’t do much and joined my dad’s business soon after. In the lockdown, the passion woke up again and I started making videos and working on covers. My childhood was a very typical one just how a normal middle-class boy would be raised.

2. Your earliest memory that defines your inclination towards music? Can you walk us through your musical journey?

I was always a keen listener to music and used to be very passionate about exploring new artists and new music. Music was something that really moved me amongst other arts.

Musical journey: I used to perform in school. I studied in DU so had done a lot of college festivals and played with various bands. That is when I got really serious and wanted to make songs and that is when I joined a music school “musicology” in Noida to peruse songwriting and music production. Soon after that, I released a few songs which featured on MTV Indies as well but had to quit music altogether due to some unavoidable circumstances. So now lockdown really got me thinking why not do some cover songs than originals.

3. What is your music cover style? How much thought, time, and effort goes behind ideating and creating one song cover?

I don’t know what to call this music but I just think about how to make a song interesting and groovy. It usually takes about a week from starting of a thought process and to finalizing the arrangement of a song.

4. Other than your music, your video style has also kept us hooked to the screen! The idea behind wearing sunglasses and Poker face?

I first tried to shoot without sunglasses but didn’t felt complete. Something was missing, so I have pretty good sunglasses collection so thought of wearing them and went along with the songs well. Poker face comes naturally as I don’t like to dramatize my music by giving unnecessary expressions.

5. We have seen your wife being a constant in all your videos. Tell us about her involvement.

Well, I thought of putting my videos alone but it didn’t seem anything “new” so I asked her if you can give the beat to which she said I’ll try and since then I have not left her and I have dragged her to do it.

6. Where do you find your inspiration? An Indie musician you would like to collaborate with?

I don’t really have any inspiration but I used to follow Jimmy Fallon, The Roots covers, and Walk Of The Earth has some really cool covers with I love watching. I am not really into indie music as such. I would love to collaborate with PANJABI MC if you consider it indie.

7. What is about Delhi you love the most! Favorite place to unwind and chill?

I love Delhi food. Favorite place to unwind would be Connaught Place.

Let’s run down to music favorites of Kushal Sethi:

  • Current Fav song/songs: Diggin the new Dua lipa album
  • Fav Indian Music Artist: A.R Rahman
  • Your fav music cover to date: Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai
  • A song that usually uplifts your mood: Shut Up by Black Eyed Peas
  • If your life was a song, it would be: Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya

Let's run down to local favorites of Kushal Sethi:

  • Fav Food: Chicken Wings
  • Fav Cafe: SOCIAL
  • Fav Party Place: SOCIAL
  • Fav street food stall: Rajinder Da Dhaba
  • Your go-to local spot: Etopia IHC
  • If not Delhi, where would you like to be living: LA and Venice (suburb to be precise)
  • A City you loved traveling to: Paris

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