Calling out all the Frigophilias! Head straight to Rollercoaster Icecream Works Mumbai!

This one is definitely a perfect treat to cure all your summer blues. Mumbai will always leave you in awe with something out of the world. Do you agree with us? This time, it has come up with an ice cream that is made on a roller coaster, exactly as the name suggests ‘roller coaster ice cream.’ To try this refreshing and creamy ice cream, head to Rollercoaster Icecream Works Mumbai.


In the process, a huge cylinder is entirely coated with dollops of ice and milk. Once you tell the shopkeeper the flavor, that fruit is squeezed on the roller coaster, giving you a delicious and fruitful concoction of fruit and ice cream.

They have a huge spectrum of ice-creams to choose from. Though the best-sellers are, Freezy Chocolate, Watermelon Warriors, and Mosambi Superkings. The names are so catchy and unique, and the ice creams super delicious, that it makes us drool over every flavour.

Rollercoaster Icecream Works Mumbai

Keeping the hygiene of all it’s customers in mind, the ice, used to make the ice cream is changed every two hours. Not just this, there is another major reason to call this ice cream safe to eat. The ice cream is purely made out of farm-fresh ingredients with no use of colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

What are you waiting for? Pick yourself up and treat yourself and your loved ones with a tasteful experience at Rollercoaster Icecream Works Mumbai.

Where: Rollercoaster Icecream Works, Ghatkopar East

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