Singer-composer Aaryan Banthia releases third new single ‘Hey Betty’!

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Singer-composer Aaryan Banthia releases third new single ‘Hey Betty’!

Popular young artist, Aaryan Banthia, the singer-Guitarist cum composer, releases his third new single - ‘Hey Betty’ – on the occasion of World Youth Day, 2020. The outbreak of the on-going pandemic hasn’t stopped the Indian musical prodigy from dropping his new country-pop track. The latest release is an outcome of Aaryan’s writing, composition, and production skills and efforts. 

Aaryan Banthia releases hey betty

The young singer’s versatility can be treasured and witnessed through the latest track featuring him, alongside a young woman, depicting old school love and romance. The video showcases the by lanes, bridges, and roads of the city of Kolkata in all its glory giving it an old-world charm.


Speaking on the announcement, Aaryan

said, “I couldn’t have thought of a better day than this to drop my third track

‘Hey Betty’ which will remain extremely close to my heart, just like others.

Having worked on the lyrics and appeared in the track, the job of expressing

what went into making this song became easier and organic. I’m hopeful that the

new release will be well-received by the audience. I look forward to hitting

many many milestones, the way I did in the past, through the other two


Aaryan Banthia releases hey betty

In times to come, post the pandemic, Aaryan plans to rewrite live shows and bring forth his musical style through various musical compositions and performances.

Listen to the song Hey Betty by Aaryan Banthia:

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