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We all go gaga about global music charters. Don't we? Now is the time to lend an ear to the homegrown Indie Musicians and Bands. Be it contemporary jazz, progressive rock, metal, or pop Hindi songs. India's music scene is continuously evolving, and they are blowing up our minds with the style and lyrics. Here's a rundown of the Indie Musicians and Bands that you should be an audience to this World Music Day.

1. Suryakant Sawhney

Suryakant Sawhney started his journey back in the year 2013. He recently unveiled his individual project by the name 'Lifafa.' It is an electronic series. He is in search to find something original and not what is simply inspired by the globalized music. While you can play 'Din Raat' on loop, in no time, you will feel the same about all the other songs.

2. Osho Jain

Osho is a singer, songwriter, performer, and music composer. He incorporates a lot of Hindi/Urdu literature in his lyrics. The soothing songs by him are definitely going to take you on a ride towards peace and some thinking. His songs like 'Dheere Dheere' talk about everything happening around the world at the moment like political tension and climate change. He recently released a song 'Kya Pata' that talks about one's hidden cravings and underlying insecurities. Go give it a listen!

3. Parag Sharma

When this budding musician will flawlessly hit his guitar strings accompanied by his soulful voice, you'll be left in awe. He is a self-taught singer, lyric writer, and guitarist. His recent composition 'Dil' is sure to leave an indelible impression even on the first time listeners.

4. Yashraj Mehra

This college student has set Indie HipHop culture on fire. Yashraj has made his space in a very short span of time. Having sung with Zaeden, he gave a killer performance at Supersonic last year. He recently came out with a series of EP, and his composition 'Do Khidkiyaan'. His songs are extremely contagious to your music apps.

5. Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Tanmaya is a singer-songwriter based in Delhi who started her journey three years ago. She creates simple music and from the heart, plays the ukelele and guitar. Her beautiful songs are in Hindi and English both. She often writes with the idea of sharing stories about her struggle with mental health, overcoming emotional and physical abuse in relationships and healing. Get a taste of her melodious voice, listen to 'Kya Tum Naraaz Ho.'

6. Shlok Chiplunkar

Shlok Chiplunkar, aka DJ Chips, is a new talk of the town in the genre of Indian+Electronic+Bass+Trance music. The variety that Shlok offers through his composition is sure to make you feel it. He recently released his song 'Ishq' which will make you experience the madness of longing and desire in love. Along with the song, don't forget to watch the trippy yet tasteful video of 'Ishq'.

7. Dorwin John

The euphonious voice of Dorwin is extremely soothing to the ears. He has done some phenomenal covers in the past years. His debut single 'Kya Karoon' with Shlok Chiplunkar has reached 100,228 streams on Spotify. Apart from this, Dorwin has shared the stage with famous artists like Ritviz and Seedhe Maut at Yuv Fest, Pune. Go show some love!

8. Sarvesh Shrivastava

Sarvesh is a music composer, producer, and performer from Mumbai. 'Sick Flip' is an electronic project by him. It is an amalgamation of calm and melodic vibes along with heavy bass. Sick Flip made a digital release globally on platforms like High Chai Records (US), Rub A Duck recordings (Netherlands), Plain Dope Records (UK) & Sony Music (India). A conceptual audio-visual 'The Ladakh Project' was a mix of music and travel. Go be all ears to his songs!

9. Donn Bhat

Donn is a live experimental electronica producer and composer. He has made a name in the Indian independent music since the year 2006 with his first debut. Donn has been featured at MTV series Bring On The Night, BBC artist of the month on Bobby Friction show aired in the UK. He also composed 'Mar Jaiyan' for Vicky Donor.

10. Ronit Sarkar

Ronit Sarkar is a Mumbai based singer-songwriter. He performs under the stage name RONO. After his album, 'In the Brightest Corners.', he played at Bacardi NH7 weekender, Vans New Wave Festival, and a few festivals abroad. Listen to his voice beautiful compositions right away!

The above mentioned were some Indie Musicians and Bands is what we are going to listen to now!


1. The SyZyGy

This band has come to life out of the city of Chennai. They make some insane progressive psychedelic rock music inspired by the legendary Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree. One-year-old band of these millennials knows how to set the stage on fire. Having won the One Plus Red Cable Tour, Tamil Nadu last year, they are soon going to launch their debut album named 'Paradoxical Parity Volume No. 1'. Are you excited, or Are you excited?

2. Chizai Live

Chizai, more than being a band is a family that spreads good vibes. Their choice of music, ranging from covers, to originals reflects happiness and immense love. After a long day at work, compositions by Chizai will just set you right. The soothing tunes and vocals are enough to make you an ardent listener.

3. The F16s

The F16s formed back in the year 2016. This band will give you a taste of Vampire Weekends, but some of their compositions outrun them too. Their album WKND FRNDS turned 1 in May with 3 million streams, and their music is easy on ears with an edge of the electronic mix. They have also performed at VH1 Supersonic in 2019. Go listen to them and pour some love!

4. Peter Cat Recording Co.

The Peter Cat Recording Co. started in the year 2009. They are based out of New Delhi and need no introduction. They have rightly made their space in the Indian Music circuit. Their album 'Bismillah' created a lot of buzz, and now they are out with 'Happy Holidays.' To listen to happy holidays, check their website. Go pay some heed to their beautiful tracks!

5. Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings composes some smooth and soulful music. The band has been awarded, Best Band TIMD Awards 2020, and Best Band of 2019 via a popular vote at The Indian Music Diaries Award 2020. They have recently come out with EP 'My Place To You' comprising of two songs - 'Beneath the Fireworks' and 'Madeline'. Drop by and listen to them!

6. Second Sight

The band's EP, 'The Violet Hour' did immensely well, and was an instant crowd puller. The music they compose is instrumental and makes the experience even more beautiful and lively. We are looking forward to more creative compositions from Second Sight!

7. Cinema of Excess

The Bengaluru based band's composition has the power to consume you whole. The acoustic trio makes love with their music, and their song 'Beyond What's here' is full of warmth. Go listen if you haven't already!

Listen to these Indie Musicians and Bands right away and show them some love too! Thank us later!

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