These Delhi artists are putting the capital on the art map!

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These Delhi artists are putting the capital on the art map!

India has a rich history when it comes to art. From MF Hussain, Raja Ravi Varma to Amrita Sher-Gil and Jamini Roy, we have seen some amazing artists over decades. Most of these names seem to emerge from down south, like Raja Ravi Varma, who hailed from Kerala. There have been a few names from Mumbai too, most of them alumni of Sir J. J. College of Architecture, like Tyeb Mehta. West Bengal also had a major contribution in shaping the Indian art landscape, and artists like Jamini Roy and Rabindranath Tagore emerged from there. Despite being one of the prominent city, Delhi is not known for its art history. But that is about to change. This current generation of Delhi artists is putting the capital on the art map.

1. Srinivasa Rao Potelu


If you thought you need clean lines to paint a landscape, then think again. Srinivasa's art brings together the softness of abstract with the wilderness of nature. Dominating with green and blue hues, his art boasts of a rich visual language.

2. Manish Chavda


Can someone become a successful artist by just painting leaves? Well, Manish Cavda made it possible. Hiding behind these leaves are little critters and birds, making you take a second look at the detailed execution.

3. Amit Kapoor


A master watercolour artist of the present generation, Amit Kapoor makes paintings inspired by everything surrounding. Taking subjects like Streets, Kitchens, platforms, and metropolitan cities, Amit likes to work with subjects with beautiful light and shadow play. And we can definitely see how he translates those beautifully in his paintings.

4. Arpana Caur


Inspired by the great Amrita-Sher-Gil and also her mother's influence, Arpana's art tends to focus on women. Although she has never received any formal training, Arpana has been exhibiting art since 1974. Her works can be found in Museums of Modern Art in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh as well as a lot of foreign locations.

5. Manisha Parekh


Born in Gujarat and raised in the capital, this Delhi artists is one of the few exploring the abstract art. She is also inspired by the geometrical patterns used in the textile industry in Gujarat. This mixed-media artist is known for creating artworks with multiple layers.

6. Paresh Maity


One of the most popular names in the current Indian art scene, Paresh Maity, is a man of many talents. He started with the watercolours paintings of different locations, whereas his recent artworks have strong colours making you stop in your steps and take a closer look. His works are in the collection at the British Museum in London, the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, the Birla Academy of Art and Culture in Kolkata, Oberoi Group of Hotels, and many other public and private institutions all over the world.

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