Beat the virus with these convenient sanitization services in Delhi

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Beat the virus with these convenient sanitization services in Delhi

Every passing day cases are reducing in Delhi, and we can't wait for the restriction to be lifted. But we are still in danger zone and it is important to take precautions. You can live worry-free when you know your surrounding is clean and not contaminated. And to give you this peace of mind, professional sanitization services in Delhi are available at your convenience.

1. Droom

sanitisation services in Delhi

Known for car and bike insurance, Droom is now providing germ shielding services. This anti-microbial coating is said to be effective for up to three months. They provide this service for automobiles, homes, offices, transportation, and others.

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2. Pecopp Pest Control

sanitisation services in Delhi

This pest control company is also providing sanitization services in Delhi. They clean the space using Ultra-Low Volume mister to convey the disinfectant to the entire space being treated.

Contact: 7208993333

3. Urban Company

sanitisation services in Delhi

One of the most popular cleaning services, Urban Company is providing services using fumigation machines and other professional equipments. They provide services to disinfect your car, home, office, shops, and other commercial places.

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4. Hytech


They provide home and office sanitization services. Their residential sanitizing services claim to remove contact with coronavirus, bacteria, germs, and allergens. It can also get rid of the dust mites found in your mattresses, furniture, and other household items.

Contact: 82799 55661

5. Radiance


A specialist sanitization service in Delhi and NCR, Radiance, their 2 stage disinfection process keeps your premises safe from disease-causing organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area.

Contact: 8595121212

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