Don’t want to step out? Get Milk delivered at home in Bangalore!

If you don’t like to step out of your homes and buildings for grocery shopping, and getting milk daily could be a task. Check-out these stores from where you can get your Milk delivered at home in Bangalore.

1. Milk basket 

Still worried about stepping out? And in need of milk and groceries? We’ve got you covered. Milk Basket offers a hassle-free delivery. And the best part? They deliver your items by 7 am. Cool, right?

Buy From: Milk Basket

2. Daily Ninja

Get your daily needs delivered right at your doorstep with Daily Ninja. No more going out to buy milk and other daily products, as with Daily Ninja you only get freshness delivered. Also, let us assure you, the team maintains all Covid-19 rules.

Buy From: Daily Ninja

3. Supr Daily

Whether you need a pack of curd, a tetra pack of milk, or just an apple, Supr Daily will deliver all to your doorstep. Why step out when you get all at a click away? Set your needs on autopilot, sit back, and relax
as their team will take care of your daily needs, every day. Thoughtful, isn’t it?

Buy From: Supr Daily

4. Svasth

Are you worried about your milk being tampered? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you all a solution. Svasth provides its customers with 100% organic products. Yes, that’s true! So order for yourself and your family organic milk and stay healthy. In addition to that, they also have products like ghee, butter, idli/dosa batter, and much more making out lock-down life easy.

Buy From: Svasth

5. Happy Milk

Looking for farm fresh milk to be delivered at your doorstep? Don’t look anymore, just book at Happy Milk and enjoy farm-fresh milk every day. The team of Happy Milk follows a hygienic routine and ensures that the milk that reaches you is fresh and without tampering.

Buy From: Happy Milk

6. Big basket Daily

Big Basket has been our go-to supermarket for a long time, and with Big Basket Daily it has made shopping groceries easier. Why stock up your milk products, when Big Basket Daily delivers fresh milk every day. Yes! Plus they have stored some exciting coupons and vouchers for their customers. So hurry up, and book your list and win amazing gifts.

Buy From: Big Basket Daily

7. Simpli Subscribe

Pick a subscription plan, choose from the wide range of products, and get on-time hassle-free delivery. They offer the best of all products and honestly, we are loving it. Have you tried it yet?

Buy From: Simpli Subscribe

Have we missed any stores that get Milk delivered in Bangalore?

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