Airattix, a place for space! A Public Storage Facility you’ll love using.

Keeping in view the coronavirus pandemic, the world has come on a stand-still. However, the world isn’t really on a break. While the doctors are doing their duty, other employees are working from home. Since things are taking a turn for better, many people prefer to go back home. Pune and Mumbai are no exception to it. As many working professionals are working from their home town and left the city for an indefinite time. Airattix has come to the rescue while they look homewards with the WFH regulations.


It is merely impossible to carry everything back home. And to ensure you have a safe trip back home, this Pune based Airattix is at our rescue. All leaving the city to return to their hometowns can rent storage spaces with Airattix to store their belongings like furniture, household items, office equipment, documents, and vehicles. What makes it more convenient to use is its feature of short and long term basis. The company ensures proper security of goods stored with 24-hour security guards and CCTV surveillance.

Owing to the current scenario of the country, public storage facilities seem the next appropriate step as most of the people are shifting to their hometown. Since work from home is the new normal, Airattix acts as a boon for the people who are looking to store their goods and exempt themselves from paying high rent. Not only to us, but Airattix is helpful to restaurants and cafes as well.

With WFH becoming the new normal, the need for decluttering homes and downsizing offices is being felt strongly among families and businesses. That’s where AirAttix plays a pivotal role in making storage space available at reasonable prices as well as movers and packers. Airattix gives end-to-end services by packing and picking up the material to storage and returning it whenever required so the customer gets a one-stop solution and is rest assured.


Airattix is a unique digital marketplace from Pune where people can also list and rent out privately owned unused storage spaces and parking spots. Plus point? Empty spaces can be rented out to make extra income as well. Smart, we know!

Airattix has its footprints in Pune and Mumbai and has expansion plans in metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and overseas soon. 

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