Protect your space from virus and get it cleaned by these sanitisation services in Pune

The best way to fight the ongoing pandemic is to make sure it doesn’t contaminate your area. If you have even a lil bit of doubt about it, it is a good idea to get everything sanitized, so that you can live in peace. Get your house, cars, and office space disinfected with these sanitization services in Pune.

1. Pune Sanitization

sanitisation services in Pune

Disinfect your house with services like floor cleaning, window cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. They provide commercial cleaning services as well.
Contact: 7303708500

2. RS Expert Cleaning Services

sanitisation services in Pune

They provide basic office and commercial space cleaning services along with professional Disinfecting and sanitization services for all kinds of spaces.
Contact: 2249426961

3. Octagon Pest Control & Disinfection Services

sanitisation services in Pune

One of their popular service in recent times is the ULV Cold-fogging method with US EPA approved chemicals for disinfection service.
Contact: 2249434303

4. Mane Housekeeping Services

Based out of Kalewadi, this sanitization services in Pune provides home cleaning, commercial cleaning services, professional disinfecting, and sanitization services.
Contact: 2249428764

5. The Service Caffe Property Care Solutions

sanitisation services in Pune

Along with disinfecting and sanitization services, they also provide deep home cleaning, sofa shampooing, carpet cleaning, amongst other services.
Contact: 2249428566

6. Urban Company

Using fumigation machines and other professional equipment, Urban Company provides services to disinfect your car, home, office, shops, and other commercial places.
Book service here

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