The new normal: Saree clad robot offers sanitizers to customers in Tamil Nadu store

As we move towards the post COVID world, chances are it will not be the same as we remember it. We might have to wear masks longer than what we expected, and sanitizer could become even more important than it ever used to be. And social distancing norms can give rise to a completely different experience. Well, things have already started taking shape. A textile store in Tamil Nadu has already put on duty a saree clad robot that offers sanitizers to customers.

This video is doing rounds on social media where a red saree clad robot who has a screen on one hand and a bottle of sanitizer on another is traversing the textile shop. The store has employed this automated mannequin to ensure everyone entering the store is using sanitizer. This is installed to ensure the safety of their staff, who would otherwise have to manually help customers with sanitizer.

Saree clad robot

The video shared by IFS Sudha Ramen on Twitter went viral, and had been seen more than 35 thousand times. And with 400 retweets we are sure people are impressed by this Saree clad robot.

Saree clad robot

Earlier, we had seen Captain Arjun, a robot, was rolled out by Pune station to check temperatures of passengers at the station. It also dispensed sanitizer and offered masks. Going forward, are we going to see more robots being appointed for things like these?

Is this what the future is going to be like? We can only wait and watch. But make sure you wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

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