Captain Arjun, a robot, has been rolled out to check temperatures at railway stations in Pune!

Jul 13, 2020 10:06 IST
Captain Arjun, a robot, has been rolled out to check temperatures at railway stations in Pune!

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading at a fast pace, social distancing has become an important aspect when in public. But also people entering public places need to have their temperature checked. This sets employees at a health risk, and to solve this very problem, Indian Railways have launched Captain Arjun, a robot that can replace humans for such jobs.

Captain Arjun

Launched by RPF Pune on 10 July, the robot's job is to screen passengers while boarding the train.

Captain Arjun is equipped with a motion sensor, one PTZ camera, and a dome camera. Using artificial intelligence and algorithms, the cameras tracks anti-social elements and suspicious activities.

The robot can scan the temperature and display it on its panel with a response time of 0.5 seconds. And if the passager's temperature is higher than normal, it will trigger an alarm. The robot comes with an inbuilt siren, motion-activated spotlight H-264 Processor, and built storage to save the recordings.

Apart from the temperature scan, the robot is also equipped with a sensor-based sanitizer and mask dispenser. The two-way communication system allowed the robot to speak in the local language. And will be spreading awareness messages when on duty. 

Captain Arjun

This robot kills two bids at once. Not only it reduces human contact, but also helps in the surveillance at the crowded stations. 

According to the sources, the Central Railway in Mumbai is also trying to introduce a similar system in Mumbai soon.

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