Sula Vineyards planting hope and winning hearts!India’s most loved wine brand is making a difference.

Don’t we all love the idea of a perfect weekend that includes our favorite movie, comfy ambiance (home, we know!), and a bottle of perfection. Yes, we mean Wine! Thinking about wine reminds us of Sula Vineyards. India’s leading wine producer is back this time with a bang! They took another step towards being the most sustainable winery in Asia. Read on to know more about it.

To reduce the effect of global warming and deforestation, the vineyard planted over 6000 saplings in the Vasali mountain forest area near Savargaon Village. Yes, that’s true! Not 100, not 1000’s, they planted 6000 saplings. This is a part of Sula’s drive to plant 8,000 saplings this year in the Nashik area. Around 2000 more saplings will be planted in Dindori by the winery.

Sula Vineyards

These saplings included native species like neem, Arjun, apta, karanj, jambul, peepul, etc. They not only planted the saplings but has also willingly undertaken the responsibility of digging pits, fencing the entire area.

The team also ensured the safety of the plants for three years till they grow themselves into self-sustainable trees. The plantation was done following all the social distancing norms and safety protocols.

Deputy Conservator of Forests, Nashik West Shivaji Phule and CEO & Founder of Sula Vineyards Rajeev Samant attended the plantation drive. Apart from them Sula Vineyards’ Senior Vice-President Sanjeev Paithankar, and Senior Vice President Monit Dhavale were present. AVP Trambak Oturkar also attended the drive. 

Sula Vineyards

“We believe in making wine keeping the future in mind. Businesses must realize the responsibility towards the environment and we take the full onus of our practices. Climate change is affecting everyone and it calls for immediate actions. Our journey towards a greener future will include many more tree plantation drives, more solar energy, and reduced water consumption, etc.” said Founder and CEO of Sula Vineyards, Mr. Rajeev Samant. 

Sustainable practices like mass plantations, use of solar energy, water harvesting, and community service are at the heart of Sula. The Vineyard plays an active role in Nashik by not only increasing the green cover of the city but also providing livelihood to thousands of people involved with the winery and its resorts. 

Additionally, the company also planted 75 native trees last month on World Environment Day by a plantation drive with villagers from Savargaon. India’s most loved wine brand is doing its bit and winning hearts.

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