Khadi India Masks! Made In India brands making us proud. Buy pure cotton masks only for 30 bucks!

Mask is the new normal! We agree that, but this shield of protection has been short in supply. Being an essential commodity the market is flooded with all types of masks, from quirky and cool to funky and creative. But Khadi India has made a difference. They have introduced masks starting with Rs.30. Yes, that’s true!

Khadi India has introduced its range of masks that start from a mere Rs.30. The best part is that they offer masks in 2 categories. One is 100% cotton and the other is 100% silk.

Apart from that, they also have printed masks stored for us. How cool, right? While the cotton and silk masks cost 30 bucks, the printed ones are for 100 bucks.

The masks are double layers to ensure maximum protection, have three pleats, and comes in all sizes-small, medium, and large.

One can order masks online, and they will be delivered within a week in India. However, the minimum order must be for Rs 500. In such challenging times, one must promote Made in India brands. While Khadi India is doing its bit by helping us out, its time for us to take a step ahead.

Shop Online from here!

Check out their Instagram page for some more quirky designs.

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