SevaDeep Foundation is spreading kindness! A guardian angel to the needy will make you believe in humanity all over again!

The world is surely on a break, but the guardian angels? Hell no! While most of us are safe with our loved ones, there are many who have lost everything to this pandemic. On one hand, the doctors are our superheroes who are saving lives every day, on the other are our guardian angels aka NGO’s who are helping the needy in tough times. From Bollywood actors to NGOs, the kindness they offer makes us believe in humanity a little more each day. One such example is the SevaDeep Foundation, Pune.

Due to COVID-19, many of us have been affected. But the ones who have faced major problems are the daily wage earners and the poor. From losing their livelihood to struggling to find one meal per day, the list of problems seems to have no end. But to give them a ray of help and the needed support, SevaDeep Foundation has taken an initiative.

SevaDeep, an NGO in Pune, is a non-profit initiative of the city-based Relfor Foundation. To date, the team has already distributed over 25,000 food packets prepared hygienically in their kitchen to several laborers, migrant workers, and the needy. Not only that, but the NGO has also distributed over 3000 grocery kits, consisting of wheat flour, rice, pulses, cooking oil, and spices.

Apart from that, the women of the SevaDeep Foundation have dedicated themselves in making masks for the needy. Looking at the current situation, masks are an essential part of life today, and to ensure their safety, the women have stitched over 1000 masks, which were distributed free of cost.

The team was backed by sponsors who took a step ahead to join in the service. The volunteers of the SevaDeep team worked selflessly and dedicated themselves to make the life of less privileged a little better.

When the Konkan Coast was hit by a cyclone, SevaDeep extended a helping hand. The volunteers distributed grocery kits to ensure no one sleep with empty stomachs.

SevaDeep Foundation

Like SevaDeep Foundation, there are over 400 NGO’s who have relentlessly worked in the lockdown to make a better life for the less privileged, and they continue to do so. If you also wish to donate cash, food, clothes, or any item that may help someone, then contact SevaDeep Foundation. Click here to know more! 

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