Juhu Beach,the heart of Mumbaikars is healing! Clean Beaches in Mumbai for the first time in 20 years.

If there’s any good news that this pandemic has brought in, then that’s for nature. From spotting Turtles after ages to Dolphins returning, the climate change space has been abuzz with the ‘Nature is Healing‘ narrative. Mumbai has been no exception! Yes, you read that right. The city that never sleeps has been on a break for good! Juhu Beach, the heart of Mumbaikars, has been the cleanest in 20 years. Don’t believe us? Read on to know more then.

For the first time in 20 years, Mumbai witnesses clean beaches during monsoon. Usually, Monsoon is said to be the hardest season for Mumbai beaches in terms of cleanliness as the sea throws back tonnes of garbage on the shore. This year thanks to the lock-down, there are finally some changes.

Juhu Beach

‘Every monsoon, especially in July, the entire Juhu beach is littered with tonnes of garbage thrown by the sea. We literally have to walk through the plastic’, said Dr. BS Awasthi, managing director of Surya Hospital, who lives close to the beach. He then added this year, however, the picture is quite different. ‘This year, the beach is clean. Even during high tide, there’s hardly any garbage on the entire stretch’.

Not just the Juhu Beach, but Marine Drive and the Versova Beach has also witnessed considerably good differences. 

Juhu Beach

Environmentalist Afroz Shah, who is known to have organized the world’s largest beach clean-up project at Versova, estimated that there was 60 to 70 percent less garbage on the beach this year.

While the Marine Drive spots a cleaner look this year as the sea has much less garbage to throw out.

As much as we are loving this serene look, we hope that Mumbai maintains it for years after. Till then, let’s appreciate the beauty while it lasts.

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