Check out these same-day delivery services in Delhi

Are you running a small business and want to provide super fast delivery? Or is there an important document you need to send across the town? Well, thanks to these same-day delivery services in Delhi, you can easily send and receive your parcel with ease.

1. Mera task

same-day delivery services in Delhi

Get same-day delivery services in Delhi with Mera task and deliver anything across the city. Be it an urgent document that simply must be delivered today, a lunchbox that you forgot at home, some medicines that need to be delivered to your parents, or simply a gift that needs to reach your loved ones, their delivery service won’t let you down.

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2. Goetra

same-day delivery services in Delhi

If you’re a small business sending out bulk deliveries, be sure to check out Goetra. With trained drivers and safe vehicles, they make sure your parcel reaches on time. They also offer parcel tracking option so you can keep an eye on your parcel.

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3. 4hours

same-day delivery services in Delhi

If same-day delivery is not enough for you, then this courier company, as the name suggests, delivers packages in 4 hours. A business that runs 24/7, you can schedule your pick up and delivery as you please. And you don’t need to worry about your package getting lost or dropped off at the reception, as they have signed delivery policy.

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4. Pidge

Pidge is one of the best same-day delivery services in Delhi. Be it care package for your friends and family or some important document, they can take care of it all. They guarantee to pick up within 60 minutes and gives the option to send packages to multiple locations at once, provide tamper-proof packaging, and secure OTP verification on senders and receiver’s end.

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5. Wefast

Starting with a tariff of Rs 40, Wefast promises super-fast delivery at a pocket-friendly price. A perfect option for those running a business as they offer COD option as well. If you’re wondering how fast they can deliver, their delivery timing starts from 90 minutes of picking up the parcel.

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6. Dunzo

From groceries, food orders to pet supply and even medicines, Dunzo promises to deliver all these in a short time. On Dunzo, you can directly order from their partner stores, and get the product your need delivered to your doorstep. You can also send packages across the city or get things picked up from any place, including any stores.

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