No more calling for help! ‘Air-Venti’ to help track the availability of Hospital ICU Beds and Ventilators in Mumbai!

We know that the past few months have been rough for corona-virus infected people and their closed ones. Running between multiple hospitals to calling relatives for help, the list of problems goes on. Apart from that, Mumbai is facing another challenge of a shortage of Ventilators in ICUs. Currently, the city has approx. 5000 ICU Beds, but the number of ICU beds with Ventilators is just about 600. With COVID-19 impacting the respiratory system of patients, the rate of mortality is increasing due to a shortage of Ventilators in ICU. But the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is all set to give this challenge a wink in the eye with the new app Air-Venti.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the acute shortage of ventilators/BiPAPs for the ‘Respiratory Intensive Care Unit’ for severely ill patients. Valuable time is lost, and the patient’s lives are unnecessarily endangered. Even for patients willing to pay for the costs, a lot of times, relatives are left to fend for themselves running between multiple hospitals. This adds to severe mental trauma to close family and relatives.


The corporation has launched a mobile app,’Air-Venti’, that provides information to help residents in the city by providing information regarding the availability of hospital ICU beds and Ventilators in the government and private hospitals around them.

The mobile app is available on Android, for now, and will be live for iPhone shortly. A click and the details about ICU beds and ventilators occupied and vacant will be available, location map, ability to contact hospital through telephonic call, and email.
Air-Venti aims to provide a platform like ‘Uber for Ventilators’ making it easy to track and know the availability of beds and ventilators.

Download the app, and save yourself the stress.

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