IIT Delhi Startup Makes ‘Chakr DeCov’ To Beat Environment Hazard From Used Masks And PPEs

Face masks, and PPE kits, the first shield against COVID-19 are short in supply. It won’t be wrong to say that masks, gloves, and PPE kits for doctors are becoming the new normal in these difficult times. However, it gets difficult to use the same masks, and gloves for months. But An IIT Delhi startup, Chakr Innovation, has created a machine,Chakr DeCov, that can disinfect N95 masks and make them reusable. Yes, Delhi IIT, has given this challenge a wink in the eye and dealt the problem innovatively. 

IIT Delhi innovated ‘Chakr DeCov‘, a device that uses ozone gas to clean and disinfect used N95 masks. Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey launched the device on Friday, July 10. “This decontamination device has been launched at a time when the country needs it most to strengthen the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, as unsafe re-use of N95 masks may put the lives of the healthcare professionals at risk,” he said. 

Chakr DeCov

This machine is essentially a decontamination device that uses ozone gas to clean and disinfect used N95 masks. Ozone being a strong oxidizing agent, with high penetrability, makes it perfect for disinfecting N95 masks. The gas penetrates through the pores of the mask, and its oxidizing properties diffuses through the protein coating of the virus. After a total of 90 minutes of the process, you get a clean mask that can be used for up to 10 times.

Chakr DeCov

This innovation aims at tackling the biomedical waste generation that has gone significantly high during this pandemic. “IIT Delhi is committed to addressing the COVID-19 problem through its technological prowess”, said the director of Delhi IIT. 

We are hoping this Chakr Innovation can help us beat the Environmental Pollution.

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